Entretien avec Natacha Lénée, animatrice du réseau des lumino dermaticiens en France

If a witness can be helpful to talk about the cosmetic pad, it’s this one! Indeed, communicating this dynamic is like the sun: Illuminates and it Rotates the galaxy Line 5 animating the French network of dermaticiens lumino.

She Agreed to talk about His activity During a brief interview During qui She Has impressed us with His dynamism.

Small portrait of a confident and passionate use of LED technology.


Natacha Hello and thank you for accepting this interview. Could you start by Introducing yourself in A Few words?

My name is Natasha, I’m 44, I am married with two children. For over twenty years I have Worked in the world of communication and media.

As for the world of beauty, I Knew _him_ as a user. Without being white is great « beauty addict » I always Took care of me and of my skin: cosmetics, care … but always with natural products, and non-invasive Especially.

HOWEVER, the Pad Line 5 was my first experience with an electronic device.

How did you discover Line 5?

As share of my work in a consulting firm, I met three years ago Lucibel Officials, the company designer of the game Line 5.

We Emerged que le best condition to know the product Would Be Those of Direct selling. Indeed, this very innovative product required for effective marketing year, Explanations and real user monitoring. Often As I like to say, « This is our store That comes in your living room! »

Are you the Sami user you cosmetic pad and since when?

From The Beginning, and Even before! In July 2014, I tried the device before marketing, Version 0 in fact. Was it significant for me to know what We Were going to talk by measuring the effects myself.

For my part, so I thing to treat wrinkles on my face Some, Especially my nasal furrows a little funky marked. I Was blown away! In six weeks, I saw my wrinkles fade very Clearly. Aim what struck me is the effect Most « healthy looking » created by the pad. Very Quickly, I felt my skin texture is refined and soften. As for my skin a little relaxed in years, She Was Clearly tense and plumped. After three months of use, I found my cheekbones!

Before Following Natacha

And since?

It is the product of beauty: the results are sustainable! After the end of the protocol, we can stop using it for months without losing the effects of first use. For my part, I continue to use it in service from time to time, When I Feel That my face lose a little firmness.

In addition, the Line 5 ranks HAS expanded by two new products I use Regularly: the <u> Anti-wrinkle serum Synergy light </ u> to tightening and moisturizing effect, Promotes the skin’s receptivity to red light, goal aussi the <u > restructuring night cream </ u> Allows better cell regeneration During the night. I use every day, it is a wonder!

Ict Since inception, what is the distribution of the product?

Since November 2014, we organizes the sale of the cosmetic pad via our <u> Team lumino dermaticiens </ u>, That Is to say our home sellers, qui I run the network.

They are 115 working everywhere in France, all users through Who Their experience and training, Provide better information for customers and a personalized follow Especially conduite.

The results are very striking! I’ve seen users rejuvenate ten years, more Sometimes, selon the protocol! Just look at Some pictures before / after is our Facebook page to see the results.

We Will do everything to continue to Publicize and expand the network of followers to this innovative and revolutionary technology.

We thank Natacha Who Took the time to answer our question?